About Tag8

What is a business Tag8?

Interactive adventure story

Tag8 lets teams experience a movie-like adventure story in the real world. This interactive adventure starts surprisingly in your meeting room or wherever you’d like. Tag8 can be designed individually for a single person, small or large groups.

Hidden actors

With the help of actors, clues, puzzles, challenges and usable items we create the illusion of truly being part of the story.

Individual story

Topics, contents and course of events of the interactive story can be designed according to the interests, skills and goals of the company.

Experience a different reality

Alternate reality, amazement, excitement, fun and a stunning story are the ingredients to the most extraordinary event you have ever had.


What is the story about?

  • Crime, thriller, conspiracy, phantasy, murder, mystery, …
  • Story can be constructed individually
  • Current topics concerning the company can be included
  • Cooperation among groups

An example

1 Shorty after the start of your event, an executive enters the room and addresses the participants. She explains that some kind of problem has occurred and kindly asks all those present for their patience. She seems nervous…

2 The executive enters the room again. This time she is accompanied by a police officer. He explains to the group that some kind of crime has occurred, that the group has been targeted or is somehow involved in a mysterious incident.

3 The participants are divided into groups and can now start finding clues, hints or suspicious characters in different places throughout the entire city.

4 What is part of the story and what isn’t? Realities shift and the adventure begins to unfold.


Value for company and employees


Seminar topics can be experienced throughout the adventure. This ways, theoretical inputs can immediately be experienced and executed.


The team members need to cooperate to succeed in their story and really get to know each other.


Colleagues experience a truly exciting, absolutely unique day together. This experience makes them bond in a very special way.

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“A great afternoon! With lots of fun, a bit of challenge and finally enough time to get to know your colleagues better on a personal level.”

Andreas Bierwirth
CEO T-Mobile Austria

“I am really proud of my team! A very exciting, successful afternoon full of surprises.”

Teresa Spudich
Team leader

“Tag8 – that’s like being inside a live thriller. Being part of it instead of observing. Great fun!”

Nicola Szekely

“The best teambuilding I have ever experienced”

Katharina Kluss
Hotel Manager

“Tag8 something completely different and definitely worth trying!”

Ernst Buchinger

„An exciting day, that we will never forget!“

Sabine Straßer MLS

“Pure real-life thriller! A very “different” team event! Unforgettable!”

Thomas Wawris
Team leader

“The cooperation was perfect and the numerous guests were enthusiastic!”

Sabine Lehner
Head of Marketing

“That was awesome!”

Lukas Lang

“It was great! Even better than expected. And my expectations were high already!”

Mariella Catulli

„Nobody knew what as going to happen on that day. Suddenly our story began and got more and more exciting. We found ourselves in different locations in Vienna with different characters and riddles, looking for the solution to our story. The end really fascinated and cast a spell over us. I won’t give away more than that. Except that we all enjoyed it and had a truly exciting and varied team event. I can highly recommend it.”

Maurizio Berlini



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