About Tag8
About Tag8

About Tag8

Tag8? („Day 8") catapults a single person or group unexpectedly in an individually designed, interactive adventure story that lead through the cities or countryside.

With hidden actors, mysterious hints, usable items and the permanent uncertainty what is real and what isnīt.

(If you happen to know the movie "The Game" with Michael Douglas, you already have an idea about Tag8...)

The Beginning
It is Saturday morning. Markus has reserved the day for his girlfriend who has invited him to go to the museum. As he starts to dress, there is a knock on the door. "Dear, are we expecting someone?" - "I donīt think so!"

As Markus opens the door, there is nobody there. But he immediately sees the strange envelope on the door mat. As he opens the letter a few moments later, he is already a bit excited. What in the world could that be? A rugged piece of paper and an old prepaid cell phone appear.

In the letter, Markus is addressed by name. Completely absorbed, he stares on the lines of the letter:

Story example 1
An organization operating undercover needs Markusī help, because he is good at IT (his mission turns our to be much more complex though).

Story example 2
The interior ministry need his help because he can view illegal activities from his apartment (that turn out to involve him personally)

Story example 3
An archeologist is writing to Markus because he is in possession of a valuable item, that could mean danger for him (and he is already being watches by evil forces)

Course of events
There is always some goal to be achieved. A mission against criminals, freeing a kidnapped person or finding a treasure. Throughout the city or countryside, characters (actors) can be met. Clues, hints and background information advance the story. Usable items like keys or a rope and hook prove to be invaluable for the success of the mission.

Thriller | Crime | Phantasy | Mafia | Mystic | "Dan Brown"-Style

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