Lisa Scheiblhofer
"I will be telling my grandchildren about this!" 
Mariella Catulli
"It was great! Better than expected. And expectations were high already." 
Thomas Wawris, Teamleader Meissl Architects
"A realtime thriller! A very different team event!" 
Alba Caprioli
"It was sensational and the surprise was really successful!" 
Ernst Buchinger, CEO Freecards
"Tag8 is something quite different and definitely worth trying!" 
Evelyn Safar
"That was really fun! Really well done!" 
Richard Holzer
"Incredible, what efforts went into this!" 
Gregor Stubics
"He really thought he would be on television. Awesome!" 
David Mayer-Heinisch
"Incredibly cool!" 
Alice Stepski
"It was really, really, REALLY cool!" 
Lukas Lang
"That was totally awesome!" 
Monika Schiller
"Really well done. I can recommend this extraordinary gift to everybody!" 
Mara Häusler
"I immediately got paranoid and thought everything around me is part of the adventure." 
Michael S.
"That was crazy!" 
Carina Bauer
„All the time I was thinking: In what movie am I?! 
Stephan Pototschnig
„Really well done! It was a lot of fun!“ 
Gilbert Vyslozil
„Totally exciting, I can`t put it in words, I was pretty hyped the whole time. I was really excited.“